Swings and grills and movies, oh my!


It’s been a quiet week or two out here. The weather’s turned nice again, which means spending time at the park with Hannah and Vivian over lunch. Stinson Park’s become a destination for the Johnson family, particularly on Mondays and Wednesdays when Jones Bros. has free cupcakes over the lunch hour. Hannah also seems to get excited to see daddy during the day and having the chance to running around in the fresh air before heading home to crash.

We also got to have our first grill-out with Vivian’s parents one the temperature rose above 80 degrees for the first time this year. Hannah got some more quality time outside as Jack grilled up some hamburgers and then Donna gave us all haircuts before the end of the night.

In other news, a bunch of us went to see God’s Not Dead over the weekend. It’s the latest in a series of independent Christian films to make it to the big screen, this one coming from Pure Flix and starring David A.R. White, whose other (fairly cheesy) independent Christian films Vivian and I have grown to know and love via Netflix. I highly recommend checking it out.

Also: Keystone Homecare burns down, Vivian makes biscuit pot pies, and Hannah eats pizza.



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