Walkthroughs and Storybooks


My parents are just about ready to close on their new home here in Bellevue. They had their final walk-through on Saturday, so Vivian and Hannah came along to take a look at it for the very first time. There were a few minor things that needed fixing, but everything looks clear for now. My folks did have some trouble getting the money from their bank to pay for the new house. The bank apparently won’t issue a cashier’s check or a wire transfer unless they show up at a branch in person, which made it necessary for them to make a brief day trip down to Kansas City on Thursday.

To celebrate the end to all the house-hunting madness, and my parents’ 29th anniversary, we took them out to Venice Inn to celebrate. The last of the Caniglia Italian restaurants in Omaha is due to close in a few months, so Vivian and I thought it would be a good idea to take mom and dad out for toasted ravioli, rib-eye and mostaccioli while we still had the chance. The place was insanely busy on Saturday night, as the rest of Omaha apparently had the same idea we did, because the place was packed wall-to-wall with people waiting for tables by seven o’clock (making me glad we got there at five). Jack and Donna also had a couple bags worth of housewarming gifts for mom and dad to welcome them to town, which they opened when we got home, most of which will help them get by untilt he moving van with all their stuff comes down in a week or so.


Sunday was Youth Sunday at church, which meant I got to sit with Vivian and Hannah during the service for the first time in over a year. (Usually, I’m stuck behind a computer screen doing the video.) I didn’t have to show up early for praise team practice either, so we got to have breakfast at Burger King ahead of time instead.

That afternoon, I took Hannah to Storybook Land at the Benson Library. Several storybook characters were there in full-costume for kids to meet, greet, and snap pictures with, including Clifford, Curious George, and one of the Wild Things. We made the rounds and got a free Curious George book for being able to meet every one of the characters on site.

We got a quick nap at home and then went to the Kuemichels’ house for some bible study time. We went through the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and had some tacos together afterward. Ben also showed me his workshop/garage, and several of us busted out the family’s assortment of bikes. That meant Hannah got to try riding a tricycle by herself for the first time. The weather was just perfect for being outside, and now that spring is upon us, days like this will come quite a bit more often.



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