Fun at Stinson Park

IMG_0640Lately, it seems like Stinson Park has become the hangout of choice for our family, our circles of friends, and the Omaha community as a whole. It’s just a short walk from where I work, so whenever the weather’s turned nice, I enjoy a stroll down to have lunch with Vivian and Hannah over the noon hour. (Jones Bros. also tends to have free cupcakes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 pm, which makes it all the more enticing to drop by.) Vivian’s dad Jack dropped by with Hannah last Wednesday after Vivian’s ultrasound and gave our girl some time to enjoy the playground on a gorgeous spring day. The Wohlner’s across the street is closing, unfortunately, but since everything is being sold at a discount (25% and then 35%), it made perfect sense to drop by to pick up some lunch while we were there.

IMG_3365On Saturday evening, we dropped by the park to enjoy some outdoor music provided by Sinners & Saints as part of the park’s concert series. Jenny and her boyfriend Kody, who just recently got engaged, invited us along with a cluster of our friends to enjoy the outdoor music. I grabbed some discounted cheese from Wohlner’s for a snack, and Hannah got to play on the playground at night for a chance, in-between dancing to a set of cover songs from the band.

IMG_3518The next day, we came back to the park yet again for Lindy in the Park. Billy and his family were all decked out in stripes for the afternoon, and Vivian and I got to dance with the handful of other swing dancers who showed up. I also danced a bit with Hannah, but she seemed a bit more interested in running back and forth to the playground than trying to figure out what weird steps daddy seemed to be doing.

Hopefully, the lovely cool weather will last a bit longer as we head into June, since we have more plans to enjoy the great outdoors over the next week or two to come.

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