Kites and Parades

There are so many things I love about springtime, from trees all in blossom to the beautiful weather that comes between the winter frost and the summer furnace. Of course, the weather in Nebraska is anything but predictable, but it’s been just perfect for a week or two and that calls for plenty of fun outdoors (particularly at the park).


On Saturday morning, Vivian and I went up to South Omaha to watch the Cinco de Mayo parade. This was Hannah’s third time seeing the parade, and this year we decided to check out the view from the south end of the route around 24th and L Street. It was a totally different experience, with people crammed elbow-to-elbow along the city streets, making it a bit difficult for us to find a place to watch. The parking lot of the Subway around the corner turned out to be just fine, however. We got to see the usual cluster of local businesses, politicians, drill teams, horses, and dancers dressed in festive garb. What made watching the parade from the finish line special, however, was that the band and dancers holding up the rear stayed around for some extended music and dancing for anyone who cared to stick around and watch, which was particularly fun.
We made the obligatory run to Jacobo’s afterward for frozen tamales and other south-of-the-border foods for Monday night and then grabbed Alvorado’s on the way home.


On Sunday, we decided to go and fly a kite down at the La Vista soccer complex with several dozen other avid kite flyers. My dad was an avid kite-flyer a few years ago, but North Carolina is fairly stingy with wind and he hadn’t done any real flying since around 2003. He definitely seemed happy to get our little rainbow kite airborne once again. Hannah also had fun running around in the giant empty green spaces, checking out some giant flying fish and grabbing for candy in a candy drop with a bunch of other kids. We also decided to send her little Cow Baby airborne just for the fun of it. Dad got it all tied up securely, Hannah gave it a kiss for luck before sending it airborne at the end of the day. There’s nothing quite like flying a kite to make an afternoon seem worthwhile (definitely more fun than doing yard work, but don’t tell that to Hannah).

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