Almost there


Vivian and I have just a few more days before welcoming a bouncing, new baby boy into our house. That means enjoying the freedom of a one-child house while we still have the chance! On Friday, we had Phil and Jen over fresh from their trip to Florida and Caribbean cruise, gobbling down all the bean dip they brought and watching the brilliantly terrible Sharknado afterward.

On Saturday, we made the trip downtown to walk through the Summer Arts Festival and then spend a couple hours with Hannah at Sand in the City. She enjoyed playing in the giant sandbox with daddy and making a “sand” cupcake afterward with the lady who runs the Family Fun in Omaha Facebook Page. The sculptures this year were all movie-themed and included a Godzilla who really seemed to like the Omaha skyline.

That evening, we crashed at Dennis and Kara’s for burgers and brats, and let Hannah play with their kids for a couple hours before heading home. Sunday was primarily a clean-up day getting ready for the new baby, and on Monday we brought Hannah down for one last lunchtime trip to the park. Weather has been gorgeous and cool (for June), so we had to stick with slides and swings instead of fountains this time around.

Next stop: baby!

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