Last days of an only child


We have only one week left before we become a family of four, and it seems like time is going by so fast! It’s summer now, and that means the fountains at Stinson Park have been turned on. That made for a fun, wet lunch break (after Hannah got to have her first Whopper) with Hannah and daddy as we went strolling through the spray on Wednesday. Of course, I brought a change of clothes so I wouldn’t go back to the office completely soaked.

Uncle Jonny came down over the weekend to spend some time with us, and on Saturday we had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s house with Uncle Nathan. We got to see the new Baby Robins in the backyard and get some quality family time before calling it a night. Then on Sunday, we got to welcome Pastor Drew and his family back from Uruguay, where they had been visiting for the past month or so. We got to catch up with them during potluck, which included some quince jam and cheese from Uruguay.


Hannah has only a few days left of being an Only Child, so Vivian and I have been spending quality time with her as well. We had a couple more trips with her to the park, and we also went up to Mount Calvary to get some Belly Shots of Vivian before little Wilby Johnson has to come join the outside world. Then on Wednesday, Hannah got to have her first cooking experiencing helping daddy decorate a pizza for dinner. She definitely enjoyed doing that, and the resulting pizza was good, too.

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