Giant Jenga


Vivian and I are still getting used to having a fresh, new baby in our home once again. Aaron has been sleeping very well nearly from the get-go, getting up just once each night nearly from the start. Now with two little ones in our family, it seems more and more of our free time is spent with kid-friendly activities, ranging from regular lunchtime trips to the park (particularly for the fountains), to little princess birthday parties and Vacation Bible School.

That’s how things played out on Friday, anyway. Reina had a party for a bunch of her little friends at church right before they all parted for the final day of VBS. That left Vivian and me with quiet time with Aaron (who thankfully slept) as we ran about getting errands done without a two-year old tagging along.


Saturday night was the highlight of my week, as Tamra had another birthday party on the top of her parents’ place in Fort Calhoun. The weather was just about perfect for being outside, and her folks had plenty of space for Hannah to run around and wear herself out. Aaron even got to be passed around to a few people, leaving Vivian and me relatively free for some grown-up style fun, which included Giant Jenga and (of course) a round or two of Hammerschlagen. Li Ya and the Kam Family brought their little boys along as well, so Hannah (and Jon) had a few little ones to play with.

There was also a campfire, naturally, for us to roast s’mores or some hot dogs on top of some pendulum-style grill. My clothes still smell like campfire even after a run through the wash, but I’m strangely all right with that.

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