Light Shows and Grandparents’ Birthdays


Another busy Christmas season is underway! Last weekend, we decided to get into the spirit by taking Hannah and Aaron out to look at Christmas lights. One of the best locations in Omaha is the posh Linden Estates neighborhood near 144th and Blondo. Hannah got into the spirit yelling “Wow!” at almost every display, and it was even warm enough to get out for a closer look at some of the glowing trees down on Nicholas St. At least three tour buses passed us along the way, as well as a few other cars and even a couple limos, all gawking at the illuminated festivity around us.


The middle of the week, we also celebrated my parents’ birthdays (December 8th and 10th) together for the first time in twelve years. Vivian made a delicious cherry cordial cheesecake that we ate shortly after opening presents. My folks had put up a bunch of the Christmas decorations I’d grown up with, including our Hummel nativity set and the artificial Christmas tree my dad had bought just after getting thoroughly frustrated with the real one he’d bought for my first Christmas. It’s amazing how ting that tree looks after all these years (and how big the incandescent bulbs are compared to today’s tiny LEDs). I’m reminded again and again how nice it is to have the folks so close to home.

Vivian and I got to enjoy another Christmas party with the office on Saturday, and now we’re busy cleaning up for a party of our own next week. In addition, we’re shopping for presents and just got done putting together our Christmas letter, complete with a fresh Christmas photo taken on Sunday. Aaron got to wear his cute little blue suit, which we’re hoping still fits him on Christmas Eve!

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