Proud Becka Listeners


We got to have some good, family fun as the 2015 got underway. The Children’s Museum was having some kind of “cartoon night” on Friday, so less than a week since we visited with parents we were back again at the “indoor park.” Hannah got to say hello to Dora in-between a jam session with the light piano and a ride on a combine.

The next day, we had a belated New Years’ Party at the Kuehmichel house. Aaron got some quality time with our church friends, Hannah got to have a tea party with a cluster of friends that included people from church and a slew of nieces (and a nephew) of long-long friend Sarah B. Lots of gluten-free, non-dairy vittles were also available, of course (including a giant Crock-Pot of chicken nobody seemed to notice).


The following Friday, I got to have a bit of fun up in Benson as local radio host Tom Becka held a “live” version of his recently-cancelled show at the Pizza Shoppe. Tom recently had the plug pulled at 1290 KOIL (and a few years earlier at 1100 KFAB among many other places), so while he’s looking for his next gig, he decided to try hosting a “live” event instead. It had the feeling of a town hall, with plenty of open mike time and back-and-forth with the audience. Tom had some PBL Mugs and copies of his book as door prizes, and he also had a “guest” on stage with him — Chris Scott from, a blog I had never heard of (and no longer exists).

There was a fairly decent crowd, and every seat was filled sometime after the doors opened. It sounds like Tom might be planning a second event sometime in the future, though perhaps not at the Pizza Shoppe. That’s a bit of a shame, as the pizza was definitely a draw for me. I hadn’t been able to have a slice of my Round Table since 88 Improv’s last show back in 2013.

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