Sushi Date: Take Eight


The weather has continued to be unseasonably gorgeous (for January) here in Omaha, so naturally we’ve been taking the kids to our favorite park over and over again. I actually took Monday off so Vivian and I could celebrate our eighth “Sushi Anniversary” together, but we also dropped by the park to let the kids run around a bit over lunch (and eat cupcakes). Aaron got to try out a slide for the first time (with mom’s help), and Hannah got to roar and run around inside the “dance house” where the Jitterbugs gathered last summer for Lindy in the Park.

Late that afternoon, I took Vivian to see the fourth and final Hobbit movie at the Twin Creek theater, nabbing a matinee show before dinner. This year’s sushi binge was down at Tokyo Sushi/Omaha in the Old Market. We’d actually eaten there once or twice before with our friends, and they were good enough for another visit. I paid extra to have sashimi and could easily have eaten raw fish all night, but we had other rolls and horribly delicious fried things to enjoy to kick off another year of being “official” together.

And because I know Vivian will be wondering, here’s a list of all our Sushi Dates so far:

  1. 2007: Sakura Bana
  2. 2008: Also at Sakura Bana
  3. 2009: Blue Sushi in West Omaha
  4. 2010: Sushi Japan Yakiniku Boy
  5. 2011: Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio in Las Vegas
  6. 2012: Wasabi on West Maple
  7. 2013: Okinawa Sushi
  8. 2014: Matsu Sushi
  9. 2015: Tokyo Omaha

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