A Snowy Super Bowl Sunday


There were really only two big events that happened in Omaha over the weekend — our first legitimate snowstorm of the season and the Super Bowl. That meant getting some quality time indoors with the kids, baking cookies with Hannah and just snuggling with a sleepy Aaron. We woke up on Sunday to a winter wonderland, with plenty of the white stuff to shovel on the driveway and just about everything in town cancelled for the day — church services among them.

What wasn’t cancelled, of course, was the Super Bowl. We got our Super Nachos ready for the Four Grandparents and Uncle Jonny to munch on when the came over, and then we gathered around the TV to watch along with the rest of America as the Seahawks blew a perfectly good victory from the one-yard line. The legendary ads seemed less Super this time around, with dead kids and insipid puppies being among the highlights. Hannah stayed up for most of the game before falling asleep in mom’s lap, and Vivian discovered NBC is bringing Heroes back for a mini-series. That made her night.

On social media, several people made noise about how they’re not watching the Super Bowl. And honestly, I don’t follow (or care) about pro sports at all. The whole point was to have an excuse to sit with family, eat junk food, and make fun of Katy Perry’s back-up sharks, and I think we accomplished that goal in spades.

Hannah’s Super Bowl prediction

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