Jessica Hische

We’ve enjoyed a fairly quiet week or two here at the end of February. Vivian and I went back to Omaha Sushi with her parents to celebrate their anniversary with another round of all-you-can-eat sushi. Donna swears the restaurant lost money on the transaction. Then we got to have Hannah’s friends Sammy and August over for some Saturday morning babysitting, the latter sleeping through the whole visit.


On Wednesday, I headed up to the Waiting Room in Benson to hear Jessica Hische — letterer, illustrator, and drop cap specialist — give a talk about her creative process. The event was held by AIGA Nebraska and the venue was packed wall-to-wall with young hipsters, and I was reminded both how rarely I get out and rub elbows with creative types and just how many other graphic designers there are out there (especially ones willing to drive through snow to get to an event like this).

Ms. Hische also had a great presentation, dropping a new names of celebrities she’s bumped into and high-profile clients she’s worked for before going into her creative process. She had plenty of tips about using Adobe Illustrator, which is how she produces her finished work, as well as the research and thumbnail sketching she goes through to get there. “You have to enjoy the journey,” she said. It gave me some thoughts about what I could do with my own work, and I felt encouraged to try a bit harder to attend the next Nerdbraska event — a local meetup for designers — just to be around more creative types again and perhaps learn through osmosis.

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