Spring Breaks


I think spring is here at last, with the last of the slow melting under highs creeping into the upper 70s. That also means it’s time for our first Lenten Fish Fry of the season. Of course, we had to go to St. John Vianney’s, and this time we took the Mills with us. Lexi had never been to a fish fry before, and Nate hadn’t been to one since his days in Michigan, so we braved the crowds to feast on batter-dipped cod, tomato soup, grilled cheese, French fries, et cetera (as in pancakes). This was also the first time Hannah (and Sammy) had been able to actually participate in the fish-eating feeding frenzy as mom and dad got to “bah bah bah” along to Sweet Caroline courtesy of our favorite Lenten guitarist and his (probably tipsy) backup singers. Good times never seemed so good.


Of course, family trips to the park are now practically mandatory with short-sleeved weather upon us. We got to drop by our favorite neighborhood park with my folks on Saturday for some quality time pushing the kids on the swings and trying to send Hannah flying off the X-Wave teeter-totter. The weekdays were even nicer, with lunchtime weather nice enough for a brisk walk up the Keystone Trail or even our first family picnic on a blanket at Stinson Park.

We got a brief moment of extra excitement when Vivian was interviewed by WOWT Channel 6 for a story on child safety. They ran the story during the ten o’clock news on Saturday, so check it out if you’d like to see a glimpse of us during our typical romp in the park.

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