Mom & Dad’s 40 years


Forty years ago on Sunday, my mom and dad got married in a little church out in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. On Saturday, we decided to take them out to celebrate their forty years together at Big Mama’s Kitchen up in North Omaha. My folks are always fond of unique, local diners and “dives,” so having a little authentic Soul Food somewhere between Lake and Ames seemed like a nice idea. I actually had a Pig Ear sandwich, which Guy Fieri described as “natural bologna.” Big Mama herself actually came to sit down and chat with us for a good twenty minutes or so, telling us how she started the restaurant and got the last laugh on the bankers who thought she couldn’t make it when she sent them a DVD with her restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Back home, the whole family (namely Uncle Jonny, Uncle Nathan, and Aunt Ranae) gathered to watch a PowerPoint presentation my dad had put together showing photos of when he and mom first met as missionaries in Brazil, along with many of their mutual friends we’d met over the years. It was nice to review a bit of family history over key lime cheesecake Vivian had made for the occasion. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! Here’s to another forty years together and perhaps many, many more.

P.S. In other news, Palm Sunday and a Jalapeño Cream Cheese Sundae with Bacon both happened.

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