Camping with the kids


Fall is always a fun, busy time of year, with activities nearly every weekend that keep us busy. Things kicked off on Labor Day, as my dad invited us and Vivian’s folks over to their house for a lunch of smoked ribs. My dad actually got three different kinds of pork ribs to sample. Both Aaron and Hannah seemed to enjoy them, and then spent the afternoon rocking out with the rest of us grown-ups.


On Friday, Aaron turned 15 months old, so we took a couple cute, patriotic pictures of him out on our front porch. Shortly after that, we drove on up to Lake Manawa to take our kids on their first, legit camping trip. We set up a tent that Hannah and Aaron seemed to love playing inside (even before we broke out the sleeping bags). Then Nate and Lexi joined us to grill some burgers as the sun went down. The temperature dropped fairly quickly, so after a few rounds of ladder golf, we snuggled up next to the fire and let Hannah have her very first s’more with us.

It eventually got down to 45 degrees or so, but the kids seemed to sleep remarkably well outside in a tent for the first time. Aaron kept rolling around and throwing his blanket off, however, so I had to keep wrapping him back up throughout the night.

IMG_4980 IMG_5088

The next morning, Nate and Lexi made us breakfast as a cold mist hung over the lake. the kids enjoyed running around the campsite for a bit, and then Nate took Jake off to a soccer game. I broke down the campsite as Vivian and Lexi took Hannah and Aaron over to a play area that Hannah dubbed “The Brown Park.” (This was to distinguish it from “The Yellow Park,” where we get our cupcakes every other Monday.) There were tires and swings to keep the kids occupied before we took them back to the campsite to tear down our tent before going home. It was a particularly exhausting trip and left Vivian and me too tired even to go to the Balloon Glow at Ditmar’s Orchard (let alone that Cowtown Jamborama thing going on). There’s just too much stuff to do everything in one weekend!

On Monday, we went back to our routine of cupcakes and playing in the park — at least until next weekend.

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