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Happy New Year, everyone! We had a lovely welcome into 2017 with a quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I had time to enjoy some of my Christmas presents, such as ingredients for some Moscow Mules and an egg patty maker for my breakfast sandwiches. The weather has also been wonderfully accommodating — warm enough to rake some leaves or take one last trip to the park (for cupcakes).


Lauritzen Gardens also had free admission through the end of 2016, so I took a long lunch break and went to visit with Vivian and the kids on Thursday. We’ve been to the gardens in the spring, fall, and now the winter, and every time it’s a different experience. This time, there were winter flowers inside along with a giant poinsettia Christmas tree. The train sets had also been moved inside for the season, which Aaron was naturally fascinated with. We didn’t expect much to be in bloom outside (other than a Christmas tree or two), so we had a long walk through the greenhouse before we left.


Then on New Year’s Eve, we celebrated a countdown at the Bellevue Library. Mrs. B, who has since retired, got roped into introducing a few of the new books for 2017 to the cluster of children gathered there. Then we threw confetti and blew party whistles to ring in the New Year (which was happening someplace over Uzbekistan at the time).

Then that evening we went to Twin Valley Church to have a game night with a few of our friends as we counted down toward the new year. We played a couple rounds of Telestrations and Apples to Apples while eating our standard New Year’s feast of chips and dip, washing it down with sparkling cider (in champagne flutes) as the ball dropped in New York City. We packed things up and returned home in time to celebrate 2017 in the Central Time Zone before heading off to bed.

I had an extra day off on Monday to relax as the kids played inside and Vivian and I went out to lunch at Beijing Tokyo. The holidays seemed to linger a bit as we left our tree and lights up long enough to get some pretty pictures of them with my new tripod, but it’s about time to say goodbye to Christmas and then hello to January. At least there’s a Cheese Party involved.

Goodbye, Christmas



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