Circus, Hibachi, and Biking in February


On Friday afternoon, the Shrine Circus was back in town, so I joined Vivian, Grammy, and the kids for an hour or two of fun under the big top (AKA the Mid-America Center). The usual batch of local Shriner clowns were on hand putting out fires and arresting criminals. There were tigers, bears, and even elephants (oh, my). We got to see some tricks with foot-juggling, a swing, and hula hoops, and the Chicago Boyz were back to jump around as well. I think the most impressive act were a pair of quick-change artists who were able to change into and out of a variety of outfits in just a few seconds.


Jack and Donna celebrated 39 years of marriage together on Saturday, so Vivian and I took them out to Sakura Sushi & Hibachi, where we’d had sushi together just a few weeks ago. This time, however, we came for the Hibachi, which was something of a dinner and a show. Our chef, Herman, lit a fire for us and then spun (and juggled) some eggs around on the grill. He cooked up a big mess of chicken, steak, and seafood (and veggies) and lit an onion volcano for our amusement. The food itself was all right, but the experience was what we came for, and we all had a good laugh trying to catch bits of eggs on our mouth. (Bonus! Bonus!)


And in case you haven’t noticed the weather lately, it’s been unseasonably gorgeous, with highs into the 70s this past week, which is unheard of for February. We took the opportunity to take the kids out in the new car for a drive down to Thompson Park, It was warm enough for short sleeves, and we were also able to haul the kids’ tricycles in the back of the CR-V so Hannah could take a ride around the park a couple times.

Our tulips are already breaking out of the ground, so I hope they won’t be surprised by a sudden snowfall, which is already forecast for Friday. In the meantime, however, it’s warm enough for me to break out my bike and ride on to work for the first time this year. I even got to ride with the kids a bit once Vivian brought them (and their trikes) to the park for lunch. That was especially lovely.



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