Snowballs and the Super Bowl


It’s old news by now, but on Sunday there was a thing called the Super Bowl on TV. Once again, we had all four grandparents over to our place, and Vivian went all out with some tasty wings and an assortment of snacks to munch as we watched an unexpectedly exciting game together. Uncles Nathan and Jonathan showed up as well, and even Hannah and Aaron wound up watching most of the game with us. They went to bed right after a quick dance during the halftime show.

I’m not even a football fan, but seeing such a remarkable comeback by the Patriots in a first-ever overtime Super Bowl was a sight to behold. Even better, Hannah correctly predicted the outcome of the game for the third year in a row. Next year, I’ll have to take her guess to Vegas and put the winnings in her college fund.

The next day, Vivian and I woke up to find Hannah had all her toys in the living room watching their own pretend Super Bowl complete with a cardboard cutout television. Simply adorable.


A few days later, we had a couple extra inches of snow. It made things sloppy and hazardous for a few hours on Wednesday, and the snow stuck around long enough for us to take the kids to the park for their first legit snowball fight on Friday. It actually warmed up to fifty degrees, making for a lovely day in the park on the swings, slides, and a little lunch. Of course, having plenty of slushy, sloppy snow to play with makes it fun, too.

In other news, Puddy.

Hannah’s Super Bowl Prediction



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