Welcome home, Zoey!

Welcome home, Zoey!

We have a new member of the Johnson Family! Meet Zoey Happy Johnson, a one-year-old short-hair “tuxedo cat,” who we adopted on Wednesday through Petsmart and the Nebraska Humane Society. Hannah had been wanting a “real, live Zoey” for some time now, and after a year or two with a couple plush Zoeys, we finally broke down and got a real one. She’s still very shy and has spent much of the past few days hiding in our basement, but she’s also come upstairs to snuggle with Hannah in her bed during the night, so we believe she’ll be all right.

It’s still winter, of course, but we’ve also been doing other fun things with the kids around town. We’ll have more on that later. In the meantime, say hello to the newest member of our family!

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