Pump it up


Kate’s girls Chloe and (other) Hannah had a birthday party with a bunch of little ones on Saturday at Pump it up, a kind of bounce-house party center in mid-town Omaha. Hannah and Aaron got to try jumping through an obstacle course and then had some quality time shooting down a giant, inflatable slide. Even Aunt Jessica, Mommy and Kate got into the action, which was quite hilarious to see. There were gifts, pizza, and cake afterward, though I drove around the corner for some more pho for mommy and me when we returned home.


We’re definitely getting our fill of winter, with freezing rain and “weather advisories” nearly every day this week. Over the weekend, though, the weather was lovely enough to warrant a walk to Grandma and Grandpa’s House for an afternoon visit and some extra swing time on Sunday. Grammy and Pop-Pop also celebrated their 40th Anniversary, so they took us out to China Buffet to get stuffed with Chinese food and seafood from the Mongolian grill.

Then on Wednesday, I finally got our Civic — which had been rear-ended back in December — in to the body shop to see ift hey can fix it. In the meantime, I get to drive in a giant Dodge Challenger, which actually takes up more room in our garage than our Honda CR-V. It’s also handled the bit of winter we’ve had fairly well so far.

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