The Finish Line


We gorgeous weather on Saturday as the briefest spring in history gives way to summer. We spent much of the day up at Arrowhead Lake in Neola, Iowa, where Vivian, Jessica, Kate, and a few others participated in an obstacle course 5K. I brought along Hannah and Aaron, who got to have some quality outdoor time with Kate’s girls throwing rocks into the lake and finding snails and crawfish washed up along the shore. Vivian and the others traversed a hilly trail in the meantime with various obstacles to climb and traverse on their way back to the finish line.

It took everyone about an hour or so to finish, and then we let the kids have some quality swing time afterward before heading down to Chick-Fil-A in Bellevue to finish off the day. Our friend Dennis also turned 42 and had a cookout at his place, so I dropped by just to say Happy Birthday.


On Sunday, our old friends Ben and Jillian tied the knot with a small ceremony (and a lot of food — all made by Jillian) at Just Dance in downtown Omaha. I tended to the kids in the meantime and took them to Aldi to get ingredients for a Fruit Party (but I did get some of the leftovers). Then that evening, Aunt Jessica had a fire pit at her parents’ house, so we dropped by to make some s’mores together with Kate and her girls as the sun went down.

The next day, Hannah and her little friends at Classical Conversations had their end-of-year ceremony. They sang a few of their memory songs to demonstrate what they’d learned throughout the year, and everyone got a certificate before heading off stage. It marked the end of an adventurous year of homeschooling for Hannah, and we’re counting on next year being even better.



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