Monthly Archives: June 2018

Crab Rangoon and Water Balloons


Summer is marching on, as Hannah attends VBS and both kids are doing weekly swimming lessons. We even squeezed in a trip to the park for the kids to swing and smell the day-lilies in bloom.

Aaron’s also doing weekly tee-ball, and this time around grandma and grandpa stopped by to watch (until we were rained out). Hannah colored some Mega Man characters before going to a friend’s house on Saturday, and then I made some crab rangoon for dinner just for the heck of it.


On Sunday, we stopped by Aksarben Village to catch the tail-end of the Farmer’s Market and get some balloons for the kids before Lindy in the Park. It wasn’t too ridiculous hot, so we enjoyed some dancing with the kids and our cluster of Jitterbug friends. We also celebrated the birthday of Edith Ann (“Honey”), which included some facepainting for the kids and a massive water-balloon fight afterward. The kids also got to take a whack at a piñata before we called it a day and headed home (with ice cream).

Up next, we’ve got the Memorial Park Concert and some Shakespeare on the Green happening right before the Fourth of July. We’ve definitely hit Peak Summer!

Father’s Day 2018

It’s been a fairly quiet week or two with a fairly quiet Father’s Day weekend in the middle, which is fine by me, partly because I’ve been dealing with a perpetual cold that WILL NOT go away (even with insanely hot Volcanic Pepper sauce).


On Thursday last week, I joined my dad, Uncle Jonny, and Richard Burney in watching the RiffTrax gang take on Space Mutiny, a movie made famous by its first riffing on MST3K back in the late 90s. The jokes weren’t as good the second time around, and the scenes deleted from the TV broadcast really didn’t bring much back to the film. It was still fun to watch, though, seeing as I met Dave Ryder himself just a few weeks earlier.

On Saturday, after a quick mow at my parents’ house (and an almost-pedicure for Hannah), I went down to Golden Corral with my parents and both brothers to celebrate Father’s Day with their breakfast buffet (and mini-burgers at the lunch buffet when eleven rolled around). Afterward, we returned to their house to look through a trunk of dad’s old photos and assignments from his days at Brooks’ Institute of Photography. It was an interesting trip down memory lane, and we topped things off with some interactive trivia courtesy of Nathan’s Nintendo Switch.


Then on Father’s Day, I got breakfast in bed with the kids along with a donut birthday card “sprinkled” with happy memories the kids shared with mommy. Vivian and Grammy made a lovely dinner of rib-eyes, yucca, shrimp, and scallops later in the day for Pop-Pop and me, and Hannah presented us with some ice cream cake that she, Aaron, and Grammy had helped prepare for us the day before.

In short, it was a lovely weekend doing one of the activities I love best — not doing anything!

The big Oh-Four

Summer’s finally here, and our little boy Aaron turned four years old on Monday! More on that in a moment.


On Friday, Vivian and I decided to kick off the summer with a little mid-year sushi binge. I had a Groupon for the sushi train, where we had our sushi anniversary six months ago, so we headed back for another round at dinner time.

Then on Saturday, Aaron had a tee-ball game and Hannah attended a birthday party with her friend Nicholette. Then our friend Kate had a birthday party for herself, which involved dinner at Sakura Sushi and then Telestrations at her apartment afterward. Hannah and I attended the latter part, which gave Hannah a few hours of quality time with Other Hannah as her sisters joined us in drawing several goofy drawings together upstairs.


Then on Sunday, we celebrated Aaron’s birthday down at the splash pad at H.W. Banner Park. The water features were all running, so it was a fun way to keep cool (even if the temperature didn’t reach ninety-nine degrees as they’d predicted). We had some snacks for the kids as guests arrived. My folks along with Uncle Jonny and Nathan both stopped by along with an assortment of Aaron’s little friends.

Then Grammy broke out a giant jungle cake for dessert. Aaron had to pretend to blow out the candles, as the wind kept us from keeping them lit for real. Then Aaron got to open a bunch of presents, most of which had a superhero theme to them, in addition to Uncle Nathan’s pool noodles (which Aaron got a kick out of).


Then on Aaron’s actual birthday, we celebrated with a tornado There were funnel clouds in the area, so they sirens went off right next to our house. We spent some time in the basement watching Happy Birthday cartoons on Netflix as Pop-Pop baked a couple pizzas upstairs. Once it was reasonably clear, we ate upstairs and then had some cupcakes with candles for Aaron to blow out before opening some more presents. (And he would still have a few more to open and grandma and grandpa’s house a week later.)


It’s supposed to get hot-hot-hot again over Father’s Day weekend, so Vivian brought the kids to spend one relatively cool day at the park to have lunch, swing, and practice jumping into daddy’s arms from the stage at Stinson Park.

Teed Off


We skipped right over spring and ran right into summer, and that means it’s time for tee-ball! We signed up Aaron up to play with a bunch of other kids in the Bellevue area and got to attend his first practice session on Saturday morning. We actually had a pre-practice at my parents’ house the night before, showing Aaron the basics of hitting a ball and running bases. I think it helped him a lot before being put on the spot to try hitting a ball and running around with his little teammates (and I think he got to have a lot more fun as a result).

We celebrated with some pizza after the game and then had some more practice the next day at Thompson Park in-between playing on the swings and slide. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend, so it was nice to spend a little extra time outdoors.


Our other activities this week included saying goodbye to the Kuehmichels, who are moving to Pittsburgh thanks to Google (and not because Ben wrote a memo, a la James Damore). We said goodbye to them at their hotel and also got to meet their new baby girl Miriam. We also gave the kids the chance to swim a bit in the indoor pool.

Then later in the week, Vivian took Hannah and Aaron down to the Bellevue Berry Patch to pick strawberries . They gathered a bunch, and if you’ve never had a vine-ripened strawberry, you don’t know what you’re missing. They also had some play areas not unlike Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, so we’ll have to go back and check out some of it later (particularly the pirate stuff — arrrr).