Father’s Day 2018

It’s been a fairly quiet week or two with a fairly quiet Father’s Day weekend in the middle, which is fine by me, partly because I’ve been dealing with a perpetual cold that WILL NOT go away (even with insanely hot Volcanic Pepper sauce).


On Thursday last week, I joined my dad, Uncle Jonny, and Richard Burney in watching the RiffTrax gang take on Space Mutiny, a movie made famous by its first riffing on MST3K back in the late 90s. The jokes weren’t as good the second time around, and the scenes deleted from the TV broadcast really didn’t bring much back to the film. It was still fun to watch, though, seeing as I met Dave Ryder himself just a few weeks earlier.

On Saturday, after a quick mow at my parents’ house (and an almost-pedicure for Hannah), I went down to Golden Corral with my parents and both brothers to celebrate Father’s Day with their breakfast buffet (and mini-burgers at the lunch buffet when eleven rolled around). Afterward, we returned to their house to look through a trunk of dad’s old photos and assignments from his days at Brooks’ Institute of Photography. It was an interesting trip down memory lane, and we topped things off with some interactive trivia courtesy of Nathan’s Nintendo Switch.


Then on Father’s Day, I got breakfast in bed with the kids along with a donut birthday card “sprinkled” with happy memories the kids shared with mommy. Vivian and Grammy made a lovely dinner of rib-eyes, yucca, shrimp, and scallops later in the day for Pop-Pop and me, and Hannah presented us with some ice cream cake that she, Aaron, and Grammy had helped prepare for us the day before.

In short, it was a lovely weekend doing one of the activities I love best — not doing anything!

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