Teed Off


We skipped right over spring and ran right into summer, and that means it’s time for tee-ball! We signed up Aaron up to play with a bunch of other kids in the Bellevue area and got to attend his first practice session on Saturday morning. We actually had a pre-practice at my parents’ house the night before, showing Aaron the basics of hitting a ball and running bases. I think it helped him a lot before being put on the spot to try hitting a ball and running around with his little teammates (and I think he got to have a lot more fun as a result).

We celebrated with some pizza after the game and then had some more practice the next day at Thompson Park in-between playing on the swings and slide. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend, so it was nice to spend a little extra time outdoors.


Our other activities this week included saying goodbye to the Kuehmichels, who are moving to Pittsburgh thanks to Google (and not because Ben wrote a memo, a la James Damore). We said goodbye to them at their hotel and also got to meet their new baby girl Miriam. We also gave the kids the chance to swim a bit in the indoor pool.

Then later in the week, Vivian took Hannah and Aaron down to the Bellevue Berry Patch to pick strawberries . They gathered a bunch, and if you’ve never had a vine-ripened strawberry, you don’t know what you’re missing. They also had some play areas not unlike Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, so we’ll have to go back and check out some of it later (particularly the pirate stuff — arrrr).

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