Pizza Machine and Super Bowl LIV



Over the weekend, we got to enjoy a fabulous amount of family fun. We spent nearly all of Saturday in Milliard at the Amazing Pizza Machine, courtesy of CRCC Omaha. I’d never visited this place before and expected it to be on-par with Chuck-E-Cheese, but I was happy to find it much closer to a Dave & Buster’s. We got to introduce Hannah and Aaron to such things as air hockey, whack-a-mole (or shark), and skee ball, and they both got to go on a few of the rides, including a Frog Hopper that Hannah wanted to ride non-stop. Aaron spent a good amount of time on a Ninja Turtle arcade game, which he eventually played to the finish, and Hannah got to ride a bumper car solo for the very first time.

We had some lunch in the middle of all this, which was especially fun for the kids since they got to pick out whatever foods they wanted from the buffet (including ice cream).


We had some gorgeous weather on Sunday, so I took Aaron on our first walk of the year to my parents’ house before the Super Bowl kicked off. All four grandparents and Uncle Jonny joined us in our annual tradition of watching football and filling up on food like nachos, chicken wings, and homemade pizza rolls, along with Peppermint Village Inn pie for dessert. Our kids were up to watch most of the game as well, as was Harold the Guinea Pig. Hannah rooted for the Chiefs — and she even had a “pillow pet” to watch the game with her.

I’d recently bought a $10 TV at Goodwill that I set up for the kids in the basement so they could watch a bedtime show during the pole-dancing halftime show. Aaron was in bed before the fourth quarter, but Hannah stayed up all the way through the exciting finish. It was probably the best Super Bowl I’d seen in a while — so good that I barely paid attention to the commercials (aside from Bill Murray’s reprisal of Groundhog Day).

Congratulations, Chiefs — and to the great state of Kansas!



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