Tidying up, Park Visits, and a new Uniform

2021-08-04 18.39.582021-08-04 18.22.34

Back on the home front, Vivian’s parents dropped by our house for a little housecleaning on Wednesday. Jack grease up our sliding door and got it rolling again, and Vivian and Donna went through Hannah’s room, making her pick out a number of toys to purge in their effort to see the floor again. By the end of the day, they were able to vacuum and it make it just a bit more livable again, which was lovely.

Afterward, I grilled up some burgers and tots for dinner. Then, Donna gave me a much-needed haircut (along with Aaron). It was nice not to have to feel like a hippie before attending a wedding in Cedar Rapids.

IMG_99022021-08-05 17.53.50

On Thursday, we had a bit more quality time with the kids as Vivian brought them by “Daddy Park” for a quick visit ahead of school starting again. We had some lunch together and let the kids play on the playground and swings a bit, but they sadly seem to be outgrowing the little place and got bored, particularly in the hot sun. Aaron did some play fighting with mommy and me among the flowers and bees, and then we cooled off with some massively expensive drinks and treats down at Jones Bros.

Later that afternoon, we cooled things down a bit down at the All-Play Sprayground. We also picked up Aaron’s tee-ball uniform, which he’ll be using for his first game on Saturday. Then we spent a little time getting nice and wet before heading home.

Next stop: Cedar Rapids and Shannon’s wedding!

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