Trunks and Treats

Happy Halloween, everybody! We had a great Halloween weekend as we hit peak autumn with leaves changing colors and the weather going from gorgeous to almost freezing day-by-day. I’ve been making the most of my bike rides before winter hits and enjoying the fall colors while the kids geared up for trick-or-treating.


On Tuesday before Halloween, I had an evening watching RiffTrax with my dad and Richard Burney. We dropped by Culver’s for dinner before the show, per the norm, but the dining area was closed due to lack of staff, so we went to Dickey’s down the street instead. I’d never been there before, but it was quite nice to have ribs and brisket without spending the entire day tending a smoker.

Afterward, we headed back to the Twin Creek Theater to see the Amityville 4, the spooky tale of a haunted lamp, starring Patty Duke. I’ve been able to see every RiffTrax live event thus far, though the number of people we can find to come along has varied over the years. Richard has been a consistent attendee, however, joining us for nearly all of them.

Not sure when the next one will be, but perhaps Hannah may be joining us, if I can introduce her properly to MST3K over Thanksgiving. Until then, we’ll have to “keep circulating the tapes.”


On Friday, we dropped by Grace Bible Church with the kids for some trunk-or-treating. They had some fun trunks in their parking lot, with themes such as Narnia, a gumball machine, and a wild west shooting gallery (which was so much fun it seriously held up the line). Our kids got candy and plastic teeth, and we bumped into a few friends along the way, such as the Campbells and the Halliburtons.

The church makes its home inside the old Southroads Mall, so we went inside for a few carnival games and some hot dogs for dinner. Then we got to see a puppet show with “Douglas Speaks,” a Fraggle-like puppet with his own YouTube channel who told a very interactive group of kids in attendance about Jesus. He stayed to chat with Lily and Jonah afterward, but many of the kids seemed quite eager to see who was behind the curtain instead.

IMG_70852021-10-30 16.18.08

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, with a high of 72 and no wind, so I dragged Vivian and the kids down to Swanson Park down the road to see some of the fall colors. We had a picnic lunch and let the kids play on the playground a bit before going on a bit of a hike through the woods, seeing some fall colors and fallen trees, along with a shelter made from fallen branches. We also saw what seemed to be the remnants of the old Rock Island railroad line that went through this part of town.

Afterward, I took Hannah to my parents’ house to help rake some of their leaves before giving their lawn one last mow. It was the perfect evening for it, and I managed to get over 29,000 steps on my FitBit through the whole day.

IMG_71522021-10-31 16.16.19

Halloween was about thirty degrees colder, but we still got some quality time outside trick-or-treating. We took the kids by Wildewood first for their trunk-or-treat, seeing cars with themes including bible verses, Jonah, and the Ten Commandments (along with the Wizard of Oz and a Fire Department).

Pastor Ron dressed and Pooh and flew a drone around, much to Aaron’s fascination. Vivian and I wore our Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man costumes and got a photo in front of the 80s-themed car, of course. Our kids came as a Pink Power Ranger and a Red Ninja, and Hannah even dressed her sock money up as an “alien,” with his own little bucket for candy.


We had some dinner at home before going out for one more round of official trick-or-treating afterward. We hits our neighbor’s house and Betty’s across the street before heading to my parents’ neighborhood. My dad got us a family photo when we dropped by my folks’ house, and then we walked the block until the kids got too cold to continue.

Then we finished off by visiting Grammy and Pop-Pop along with Tom and Toni before calling it a night. We returned home and warmed up watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” together for the first time — a TV special from 1966 that I may have seen once but was too long ago to remember.

Happy Halloween, everybody! On to Thanksgiving.

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