People’s Convoy, Eating with the Candidates, and Getting a Clue

It’s been another busy week having fun with the kids, and also having lunch and dinner with a couple guys running for governor.

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On Thursday last week, Vivian and I went to a parent/teacher conference for Aaron (where we got locked out until a friendly teacher let us in). We learned he’s doing very well in math, scoring in the 99th percentile (and 88th for reading). Since he had Friday off as well, I rode my bike down to the park and met up with the family for a little lunch and quality time on the swings together.

Then that evening, I stopped by the 13th street bridge to cheer on the “People’s Convoy” as it made its way through Omaha. I saw a few familiar faces there waving signs, such as our friends the Mills and Tim Davis and Allie French from Freedom Rally USA and Nebraskans Against Government Overreach, respectively. I just barely missed the actual convoy, which came through a bit earlier than expected (and at full speed), but I did get to hang out with a few patriots for a bit, with plenty of friendly honks both on the bridge and the Interstate below.

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On Saturday, my dad wanted to have time with his three boys going through some of his old books in the office, clearing off a shelf for mom to put more of her things in the office space. I discovered that my dad has kept the brochure for every single new car he’s ever bought, including the old Ford Fairmont and Chrysler Grand Voyager I grew up in. We watched a few embarrassing home movies together and had some tacos for lunch, and then later I went and brought Aaron by to have some fun playing video games together as a whole family. Uncle Jonny had a Nintendo Switch game called Pico Park, which let all six of us — Aaron, Nathan, Jonny, Grandma, Grandpa, and me — all play together simultaneously. That was fun.

That evening, the kids broke into the game of Clue Jr. they’d gotten for Christmas, and I showed them how to play it and played a round with them. They seemed to enjoy it enough to set it up for a second game the next day, but I preferred the original enough that I showed it to them as well. Then I decided to take Hannah for a walk down to grandma and grandpa’s house, where we played Clue with them and Uncle Jonny on the dining room table. Of course, Hannah also wanted to get some help with Pokémon Go from Uncle Jonny, and then we played some Pico Park together again before I headed home.


Monday brought in some freak snow, making a mockery of the “Hello Spring” yard flag I’d just put out. School was cancelled, so I made some coconut toast to celebrate, but the snow melted away quickly enough that none of my events for the day were cancelled. That included having lunch with Jim Pillen down at the Pizza Ranch. Pillen is a former Nebraska football player and born and bred in the hog industry (meaning he’s a fan of both Bacon and Don Bacon). He gave us his life story and told us his plan for being Governor, though it was light on specifics and heavy on stories about the family farm and football.

Then that evening, I got to have some pizza and wings down at E’z Place with Brett Lindstrom. He had a fairly good crowd of friendly folks there to hear him talk about his plan for governor and engage in some Q&A. Lindstrom is a stark contrast for Pillen, displaying meticulous knowledge of governmental agencies, committees, and various bills and organizations that tend to make my eyes glaze over. He’s likely got my vote for one particular reason — I wasn’t wearing a name tag, but he still greeted me with a “Hi, Matt!” That means something.

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