Weathering through ’til Spring

It’s been another week of weathering through the weather, particularly when staying indoors isn’t always an option.


We had a bit of a freak snow on Wednesday morning, waking up to a winter wonderland before heading out to work. Thankfully, it remained wet and slushy and didn’t make much trouble for travel.

This was good, because I drove back down to Bellevue to see Aaron at his school’s music program during the day. He and his classmates sang Mama Paquita, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and The Tiki Tiki Room for us and a couple hundred other parents who took a midday break to see their kids. I also got to visit Aaron by his locker before heading back to work.

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In other news, I headed off to the trails with my bike a couple times, despite the chilly 30 degree weather and the city’s non-stop efforts to demolish every section of bike trail possible. They’ve decided to tear up the 42nd street bridge and close the bike path that runs underneath it, but I still managed to make it through to visit the silos again.

Then on Friday, I went up to Trader Joe’s and back for my usual run for various goodies, with a stop by Towl Park on the way back for a snack. The whole trip burned about 1700 calories, burning off my breakfast of steak and eggs and then some.


Then on Saturday, Hannah and I went to walk in the St. Patrick’s Day parade with a couple politicians. The morning was cold and rainy and made for terrible parade weather, but Hannah made it through like a champ, handing out candy to the handful of attendees who braved the weather to come out.

Don Bacon and Deb Fischer had a cluster of parade walkers as well, but the only two candidates who came out to join us in person were Pete Ricketts and John Glen Weaver, both of whom are competing for the same Senate seat in 2024. Weaver gets my respect for acting as a one-man parade entry, though Ricketts has the clear advantage — with John Orr in full green beard (and eyebrows) among his throng.

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