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Baseball, Splash Pads, and Labor Day Weekend

We got to have some culinary fun in the week following my birthday, with some VooDoo tacos with alligator meat, jalapeño poppers, shrimp tacos, and some rambutans all making their way into the menu — and most (hopefully) burned off on the bike trails.

IMG_18262021-09-04 18.43.08

Then we had a fun little Labor Day weekend. We started on Saturday with another baseball game with Aaron. He got to hit a few balls and high-five a couple team members once again, and he even got to hold the flag during the National Anthem, which was very special! Then afterward, we had one last splash in the spray ground before it gets shut off for the season. Aaron managed to pull me into the spray as well, jeans and all, for a good soaking.

That evening, Vivian went to her annual WAG retreat with her female friends, and I decided to walk the kids down to McDonald’s for a couple Happy Meals for dinner (and ice cream from Subway for dessert). It was a lovely day for a three mile walk, round trip, and bets of all, I didn’t have to cook.


On Sunday, we took both the kids down to Werner Park to watch the Stormchasers narrowly lose to the Toledo Mud Hens. It was the first time we’d had both kids to Werner Park to see a baseball game (and not just fireworks), and the first time Hannah had been there since 2015. We had seats in the fourth row by third base, but it was so hot and sunny that we soon retreated to the shade of the Centris kids’ pavilion. I think Hannah and Aaron had a little more fun in the bounce house, on the carousel, on the slide, and climbing in the play area than actually watching the game. We did eventually take them down to watch a few more innings with some ice cream to keep cool (and some cotton candy).

Toward the end of the game, we took a walk down to the berm and a line where kids could run the bases once the game was over. We let Hannah and Aaron head down to the field to make their way around the diamond as I snapped photos from the bleachers, and they each got some coupons for free chicken tenders from Hardees for making the trip. That naturally meant grabbing dinner there, since it was just down the street, and I got to have a Frisco burger for first time in ages.

2021-09-06 13.05.39IMG_2203

On Labor Day, I kicked things off with a long ride up to Schwer Park and back. Then at lunchtime, I went with my folks to a 9/11 Memorial Luncheon down at the Garden Cafe. We got to hear from a handful of speakers over hamburger steak and mashed potatoes, including former Gov. Dave Heineman, Don Bacon, Aaron Hansen from the Omaha PD, Omaha firefighter Michael Davenport, and Mike Conolly, a retired NYC firefighter who was there on 9/11. They all had stories to tell, mostly about where they where on that day twenty years ago and some thoughts on the situation in Afghanistan now, particularly from Congressman Bacon.

My folks got to chat with a few of the speakers afterward, which is always my favorite part of events like these, particularly when it seems like both a pandemic and partisan politics has divided us more than ever.


Labor Day marked the last day of the season for spray-grounds and splash pads to be open, so we decided to spend our last few moments of summer getting wet down at Looking Glass park with the kids. We got some Little Caesars for dinner, which was conveniently along the way down. Then the kids had a few hours to run around in the spray getting wet, stomping and playing with a few squirt gadgets and towering sprinklers on site. Mommy and I even got into the spray for a little bit before the sun went down and we headed on home.

It was a great three-day weekend with the family, though part of me can’t quite accept yet that summer’s supposed to be over. Maybe once the leaves start changing color, I’ll change my mind. (And please, no Halloween crap yet — that’s just obscene.)

Labor Day, Biking, and Bye-Bye to the Blatt

P1090702.JPG P1090745.JPG

It was a beautiful Labor Day weekend here in Omaha, where the weather went from muggy, hot summer to you-might-need-a-jacket fall literally overnight. I discovered this when I attended the last baseball game at Rosenblatt Stadium with Vivian on Thursday. This was my third game at “the ‘blatt,” and the crowd was larger than I’d ever seen it before (Vivian said it was on par with a College World Series game). We wound up parking in a residential neighborhood a few blocks away, where locals were selling space on their lawns one last time before the old park gets torn down. We got to watch the Omaha Royals soundly defeat the Round Rock Express as the sun went down, and then we were treated to one last show of fireworks to wrap up the 62-year legacy of Omaha’s famous ball park.

P1090766.JPG P1090827.JPG

The rest of the weekend was delightfully quiet and unproductive (though we did do some minor chores, such as mowing the lawn and caulking a chimney). Vivian got to use our barbecue as a smoker on Saturday night, cooking up some very tasty pork ribs that we ate while watching Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home (which is apparently her favorite of the series).

On Sunday night, we dropped by Jenny’s place for some burgers and brats, stuffing ourselves with a few friends while hanging out until midnight.

P1090850.JPG P1090872.JPG

On Labor Day, we tried working off some of what we’d eaten the night before by biking all the way across Omaha. We made the 16-mile trek on the Keystone trail, starting at the Culver’s in Bellevue and pedaling up to Democracy Park in north Omaha. It was a fun trip, and the weather was mostly cooperative. A passing thunderstorm pushed its way through that afternoon, but it stayed mostly cool and sunny throughout the day. We stopped halfway at KFC for some lunch, and then Jenny and Chris joined us for the journey home.