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A candidate, a fish fry, and a Jesus Revolution

We had another fairly busy week making our way out of winter and toward Lent, kicking things off on Sunday with some Triple Pepperoni Pizza from Casey’s and watching The Indian in the Cupboard.


On Monday, I got a haircut at Donna’s house after work on my way to meet Eric Jon Boerner, a Republican candidate for President, at Barley’s Bar in Council Bluffs. I hadn’t heard of until I learned of this campaign stop. Around 12 other people joined me at a couple tables and chatted with him about alternate energy, immigration, and other issues that seem considerably lukewarm compared to fiery topics being debated in congress and state legislatures, like sex changes for minors and drag queen story hours.

Boerner is a businessman from Washington State, has not held elected office before, and seemed like a moderate trying to find ways to reach out to Gen Z than engaging in “culture war” issues. I got to shake his hands afterward and told him his campaign was a ‘long shot,” but meeting and greeting people in an early primary state is certainly the right way to start a campaign.

2023-03-21 19.02.13-12023-03-22 19.08.56-1

Then on Tuesday, Mama Ginny came to stay with us while the Mills are away and spend some quality time with her son Harold. I dropped by Wildewood for the Men of God dinner to have some shrimp and sausage over noodles while finishing the 33 Series and meet some people from Martinwood Christian Church in Council Bluffs.

Then on Wednesday, Aaron went back to Royal Rangers and got to play outside with his friends for a bit, now that the sun is up past seven o’clock, thanks to Daylight Saving Time. (I spent my time catching up on more reading while sipping an iced coffee.)

2023-03-23 12.45.362023-03-24 12.37.49

I’ve also been riding my bike, of course, getting our four days during the week over my lunch break. I was able to ride around some of my usual favorite spots, including a trail through Wildewood Park in Ralston. They finally fixed the bridge that led to the 84th Street overpass, where I walked with Vivian the day before I proposed to her (on the very first Sushi Anniversary).

I had Friday off for work, so Vivian and I went by the AMC in Council Bluffs to see Jesus Revolution, a very well-done movie about the “Jesus Freaks” of the late 1960s. Hannah got some quality time with grandma and grandpa in the meantime.


Then that evening, we dropped by Phil and Jen’s house for another fish fry before closing out Lent. We got to hang out with Jenny and Kody and have some fried fish together, along with way too kuch cole slaw and mac and cheese. Josh and Carrie were there again as well, and our kids to play together for a couple of hours, running around with toy swords and battling monsters together for the evening.

Biking, Life Runners, Gardens, and Mules

2022-05-17 12.48.53IMG_8424

It’s been a fairly quiet week, as spring slowly makes way for summer. It’s been nice enough for me to take out the bike for a couple rides at lunchtime, spotting wildflowers in bloom all along the South Omaha Trail and then trying to outrun a thunderstorm on my way back from Trader Joe’s one day.

I also dropped by the Garden Café for a luncheon with Dr. Pat Castle from Life Runners. If you travel in pro-life circles, you might have seen his blue merchandise before, with “remember the unborn” and Jeremiah 1:5 printed on it. I got to have some chicken fried steak with a few co-workers and hear his story while also trying to live-stream his talk via my Facebook page, a little experiment I wanted to conduct before potentially trying it again in the future (perhaps with some Presidential candidates next year).

2022-05-22 14.37.122022-05-21 19.48.06

In other news, Aaron had his first sloppy joe and later decided to try his culinary skills in assembling peanut butter crackers for mommy and me. Some baby birds hatched at my parents house, and I got to take a peek at them when coming over to borrow the tiller, which Vivian and I used to plant our garden tomatoes for this season.

I also dropped by the Twin Creek Theater with my friend Richard to see the new Dinesh D’Souza movie “2000 Mules” on Saturday night. I’d seen several of D’Souza’s films before, and this one seemed similarly heavy-handed in talking about election fraud. It did present a compelling case against the use of mail-in ballots for future elections and had some interesting segments on geolocation data on mobile phones. They could have made a whole film about how you can simply buy petabytes worth of user data that the common smart phone user likely doesn’t even know if available for sale to the general public.