Monthly Archives: December 2006

Flying home to Nebraska

It’s our last day in North Carolina, and it’s been a lovely week of doing almost absolutely nothing with the family. One memorable moment came a few days ago when my dad let us into one of the lecture halls at Campbell University to play some Perfect Dark on their big screen. I was finally able to lose to my brothers while being able to view my square in something slightly larger than a postage stamp.

Tonight, around 6:25 PM Eastern time, my brother and I will by flying on home to Nebraska. Then tomorrow I’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve with some of my web comic buddies in Ames, Iowa and learning some new swing dance steps from some longtime friends of my buddy Dusan “Legostar” Jeftinija. Naturally, I’ll have some pictures from that to share as well.

Here’s to hoping the weather’s tolerable all the way home!

Christmas Vacation, Part 2

It’s been a great week here so far with my family in North Carolina. My brother and I flew in on Sunday and have been hanging out with my folks and my brother all week. We had a lovely Christmas dinner on Monday and opened presents. We all pretty much got a bunch of DVDs and books that we’ve been enjoying all week. I got Police Squad (the TV series that spawned the Naked Gun movies), The Wizard, Triumph of the Nerds, and Amazon Women on the Moon to satisfy all of my geek cravings. I also got Season One of Punky Brewster, a show I grew up loving and feeling almost ashamed to admit it now. It’s such a cute show.

We went to eat with the folks a couple times this week, stopping by a Waffle House today and a place called Mama Dip’s yesterday. I got to try Chitlins for the first time in my life, and let me tell all of you out there, you don’t ever want to be anywhere near this stuff. I won’t go into details, but the smell alone from these things is like a barnyard. I actually ate one piece and nearly got sick, but hey, you have to try new things if you ever want to live life to its fullest! We’ve also been spending loads of times watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and a bunch of other movies. This week has really reminded me of what a vacation is really all about–getting away from your everyday drudgery and being able to do nothing for a little while, just so you can put everything else in your life into perspective. Sometimes I get so caught up with my job, my freelance work, and my online projects that I don’t have time to sit back and see it all in perspective.

I’ll have more pictures to share once my Internet connection isn’t quite so unstable!