Durham dancing, grilling, and smoothies

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Vivian and I had a fun, and very full weekend together. It started as usual with dancing with our friends, both briefly at JNO on Friday night, and then at the Durham Western Heritage Museum on Saturday. The museum was celebrating Jazz Jam this weekend with live performances by the Street Railway Band and the Sing Sing Swing Orchestra, so a number of Jitterbugs got to perform with them on stage to a fairly crowded house. Next time, we’ll have to encourage the museum to have the bands out in the much more spacious foyer upstairs. (Left photo courtesy of Kat via Eric’s camera.)

That afternoon, Vivian’s parents paid us a visit. Vivian and her mom got to tidy up the garden, while her dad and I put together Eric’s barbecue to grill some steaks for an early dinner a little later. I think I’ve fallen in love with grilling now that I see how easy it is (now that the grill has been thoroughly cleaned and put together).

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On Saturday night, Vivian and I headed out to celebrate a couple birthday parties. Our first was with Dennis out in West Omaha. He grilled up hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks for everyone, and then shared in a bottle of Arbor Mist that Vivian and I brought as a present.

The second birthday party was for Leon, one of Vivian’s co-workers, and it was held at 24th and Lake, deep in the heart of North Omaha. It was definitely a cultural experience, and we got to stuff ourselves even further with fried chicken and barbecued ribs while dancing with the cast of characters from Friendship Program.

P1030700.JPG Chelsea's not so sure about Lee's concoction.

On Sunday, Vivian and I got to deflate a bit going to church and then working off some of our excess calories at the YMCA. We had smoothies with our Journey Group that night, mixing together mixed berries, bananas, chocolate, peanut butter and any number of other things into some interesting frothy drinks. I also learned that a little instant coffee goes a long way, and I’m not really sure what Lee put in his drink, but it definitely made an impression on Chelsea (above right).

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