Viv has been feeling better since last week, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers over the next week as she prepares to go on a trip out west with her roommate Jenny. Drop her an encouraging note on her blog and let her know you’re thinking of her, because I know it helps.

We’ve had another fun-filled weekend in Omaha, the highlight of which was the Junetoberfest cookout held at the “The Lazy Onion Ranch” courtesy of our friend Eric / “Onion Boy.” Both Cliff and I had our cameras out and were taking pictures of as many of the antics as we could while we were there.

IMG_2282.jpg IMG_2273.jpg

No cookout would be complete without a good water balloon fight! The super-resilient balloons Eric bought proved to be too durable for casual combat, however, and tended to bounce off our opponents before bursting on the ground. Carol kept of stocked with a steady supply of projectiles. Eric also got a slip ‘n slide for more water fun, but it managed to break after just two or three turns.

IMG_2303.jpg IMG_2309.jpg

As soon as we got dried off, it started to rain! I brought out my ‘brolly and Viv held it over Carol as she grilled the meat. As soon as the rain let up, we were treated to the musical talents of Erin and Micah as they played us a few songs of their guitars. Eric also joined in providing vocals for a song with Micah that she had written for them to sing together for us.

IMG_2319.jpg IMG_2297.jpg

No party would be complete without a little karaoke, so Takeshi took the microphone with Mac the Knife, and Eric and Viv took after Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald with “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” We have some great musical talent in the Omaha Jitterbugs!

IMG_2339.jpg IMG_2334.jpg

As the evening wound down, we lit up a campfire to toast some marshmallows. Viv and Ben both broke out their cell phones to see if we could download a couple ghost stories via Google.

Pictures: Mine and Cliff’s

My highlight reel of the day.



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