Eggsciting Easter Weekend


We just had a jam-packed Easter Weekend with the whole family, and we’re still working off the leftovers several days later, so you know it was good. The festivities kicked off with a Good Friday service at Bellevue Christian Center and then a long night of getting food ready while watching The Ten Commandments. We returned to BCC the next day to attend their Easter Egg Hunt. We were rained out of the festivities last year, but this time around the weather couldn’t have been nicer. Aaron got to collect eggs with a bunch of other tykes for the first time, and then Hannah got her turn — a bit early as the emcee told everyone to cheer with a “ready, set” that everyone thought was meant to start the egg hunt.

Afterward, we made ample use of the bounce houses inside, Hannah got her face painted, and then we had some hot dogs for lunch. There was a friendly Easter Bunny on hand for some high-fives, and then Hannah and Aaron made a new friend back on the playground, who just happened to be the niece of Vivian’s long-lost BCC friend Matt. They got some quality time making butt jokes before we headed home.


Back at the house, Hannah and mommy decorated some egg-shaped cookies for Easter Dinner. Then once Aaron’s nap was done, the whole family got to decorate some eggs together. Vivian got some “pretend” eggs with messy bags of dye, and I boiled up some regular-style eggs to go with the PAAS brand dye.

The next day, Hannah and Aaron got to wear their Easter Outfits as we all went to Twin Valley Church for a special Resurrection Sunday Breakfast put on by the Elders. They went all out with bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit, and everything else you would want for breakfast. Since everyone was in their Sunday Best, I decided to hang around and snapped a photo of Pastor Ryan and his family after the service before doing the same with our own family back at the house.


The afternoon Easter Festivities commented with our own egg hunt in the front yard. There were plenty of eggs that the “Easter Bunny” had hidden the night before (along with the remains of a few carrots), and somehow Hannah decided only to pick the sparkly, pretty eggs that were hidden while Aaron gathered up pretty much everything else.

The kids got some special Easter baskets inside to keep them distracted while the rest of us got Easter Dinner underway. Vivian had made some delicious smoked salmon spread the night before, while I got out my traditional deviled eggs (which Hannah served everyone). Jack glazed a ham while Hannah and Grammy picked some of our blooming lilac and dandelions to make a lovely centerpiece on the table. My parents (and Uncle Jonny) came by later once Easter Dinner was ready, and Hannah got to pass out the cookies she’d decorated to everyone before we ate. Even Uncle Nathan stopped by later once we brought out the Truffle Pie.


It was a lovely Easter weekend, and then we got to have some perfect weather on Monday for some quality time in the park with the kids. They got some extra time on the swings, and we had a nice little picnic lunch under some trees in full blossom.

Aaron learns the Way of the Dad on Easter Sunday

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