St. Louis Cookout: Day 4

IMG_2659.jpg IMG_2670.jpg

The cookout is finally winding down as everybody gets packed up, checked out, and ready to head back home. After many hugs and long goodbyes down at the hotel after breakfast, the rest of us went to the Kolters’ house to hangout, get some pictures in the shower, and watch some Batman cartoons. A little later, we packed our things up again and head out to the Sunrise cafe for one last greasy lunch together. We did plenty of drawing and even a “napkin jam” as we waited for our food, and then we all shuttled off to the airport to make our way back home once again.

It was an amazing weekend seeing a bunch of old friends, a couple new ones, and getting reconnected to this web comic community that I’d been missing for the last couple of months. It was great seeing you guys again, and I can’t wait to see you all next year (or hopefully sooner!)

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