A weekend for two in Omaha

At the Joslyn Museum Getting some shade from an umbrella
Left: Viv and I stand in front of a Chihuly sculpture at the Joslyn art museum.
Right: Viv and I get some shade under an umbrella at Hummel Park.

Viv and I have had another fun couple of days together in Omaha this week. I actually drove up to have dinner with her and some co-workers on Wednesday, and then the two of us had an impromptu bible study at her place as we discussed what we’d been reading in Proverbs. On Thursday, Viv drove down to Lincoln to go to Bible Study with some friends of mine and show off some of our swing dancing on their wooden floor again. That’s very tough to do with just your socks!

This weekend was especially eventful since it kicked off Viv’s week-long vacation from work. Her saved-up vacation days are going to expire at the end of the month, so she had to use them or lose them. On Saturday, I took Viv down to the Joslyn art museum to look at some Impressionist paintings. It brought back memories of my art history classes, and it was honestly refreshing to look at some seriously well-done pieces of artwork after a rather dreary look around the Tate Modern a few weeks ago in London. Afterwards, we went out to Louie M’s Burger Lust, a casual hamburger “joint” I’d been wanting to take her for a long time now, but it closes at 4 PM and I rarely get up to Omaha that early in the day. They have a huge selection of unique burgers and a great casual atmosphere with an old-time fifties era kind of feel. (If you read my comic, I use the restaurant as a backdrop quite frequently.) Viv and I both had guacamole bacon cheeseburgers and a big basket of onion rings, which was all quite heavenly.

After lunch, we browsed in an antique shop and then got a couple groceries to make some big chef salads for dinner while watching a couple DVDs. Viv and I both got to pick a movie to watch. She got Freaky Friday, a Jodie Foster parent/child body switching movie that I had enjoyed as a kid, and I got Lady in the Water, an M. Night Shyamalan film that I found awfully convoluted and hard to follow. Viv did a better job of following the plot than I did.

We didn’t get done with the movies until well after midnight, so I unexpectedly spent the night on the couch and then got to go to church with Viv the next morning. I had been to her church once before on a weekday when it was empty, so it was very cool to come back on a Sunday morning when it was full. The weather in Nebraska was just perfect, so Viv and I took the opportunity after church to get a couple sandwiches from a No Frills deli and drive up to Hummel Park north of Omaha to have a picnic overlooking the bluffs across the Missouri river. It was the end of a truly wonderful weekend together.

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