Christmas Soup

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy, wet Christmas with highs in the upper 50s, which is unusual for December but not entirely unwelcome to people who might be traveling places. We may wind up lighting a fire in our fireplace anyway, just for the ambiance.


It was a completely different story a week ago, when it was below zero and we drove off to Jenny and Kody’s place for a Christmas Party with our mutual friends. Kody made some stuffed pork loin for dinner, and we sat around playing Christmas charades and a game trying to open multiple layers of present with a pair of oven mitts. Our usual crew of friends were all in attendance, of course, and it was good to have a warm place to celebrate the holidays together.

The next day, we took the kids to church to sing some Christmas Carols together with some folks from the Louisville E-Free church. Hannah seemed particularly in the spirit, dancing in her seat, going up front to sing with the little ones and even dragging mommy up as well. We stayed afterward and had some soup downstairs with everyone before heading home.


After the bitter cold, it warmed up enough later in the week to justify a trip to Stinson Park. Hannah and Aaron got to run around outside a bit, and we even got some cupcakes at Jones Bros. for old times’ sake. It was nice to get outside with the kids, though they do have plenty of fun inside when it’s too cold to go out.

Then went the sun went down, we took the kids out to look at some Christmas lights. Some of them were very impressive, with music timed to the blinking lights and broadcast via FM radio to anyone who wanted to drive by and tune in. Clark W. Griswold couldn’t have done a better job.

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