Sushi, cake, and Seabiscuit

If you’re friends with Vivian or me on Facebook, you might have read that she had a kidney stone over the past week. It knocked Vivian out for a few days, but after a few days of bed rest she’s bounced right back, so thank you all for your prayers and thoughts while she’s been recovering here at home!

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Over the weekend, in-between of taking care of both Hannah and Vivian, my brother Nathan had a birthday! My other brother Jonathan came down for the weekend to celebrate, and we spent some quality bonding time playing Utopia on the Intellivision together. Nathan dropped by on Saturday, and Jonathan and I took him out to see the Jack Black / Shirley McClaine film, “Bernie,” which was apparently based on a bizarre true story out of Carthage, Texas. We dropped by Sushi Japan afterward to stuff ourselves with sushi and then headed home for a little more quality time over cake and ice cream. Nathan also got to see his niece, Hannah, for the first time this year. She turned seven months old on Friday and spent most of her time with us just being adorable.

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On Monday, Vivian was feeling well enough to head down to Turner Park by Midtown Crossing to see Seabiscuit. On Mondays this summer, the local theater shows free sports movies on a large, inflatable screen, and Vivian had been wanting to hold me to a long-held agreement that if she saw my favorite film — Terry Gilliam’s Brazil — that I’d watch what I expected to be a fairly predictable based-on-a-true-story sports nostalgia film. I wasn’t disappointed, of course, but I did have fun hanging out in the park with the family, as well as Aunt Lisa, who dropped by to share some spicy trail mix and Raisinettes with us.I’m glad Vivian’s recovered so quickly, because now she won’t have to miss our annual camping trip with Jenny and company. (That will be our next update, of course.)



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