Weekend in Lincoln (for a change)

I happened to spend most this weekend in Lincoln, which is a change of pace for me, considering how I usually spend all of my available free time hanging out in much cooler cities such as, say, Omaha. I did drop by the Eagle’s Lodge to help set up for JNO on Friday Night. The Street Railway Band was playing, however, and since they were doing nothing but Charleston songs, we called it a night early.

IMG_7639.JPG IMG_7648.JPG

Saturday was a fun day. I took Nathan down to to Sarah’s Bridal Shop in Lincoln to get fitted for our tuxedos at my wedding this July. It felt good to get that out of the way and eligible for the early bird discount rate. Naturally, I brought my camera along so I could ham it up while Nathan experimented with campy, Batman-style close-ups.

IMG_7655.JPGOn Saturday night, Vivian and I had a double date with Tamra and Andy, two of her co-workers from the Friendship Program. They all drove down to Lincoln and the four of us went to The Green Gateau on 10th street. It was one of the classier places to visit in Lincoln, serving up such things as bisque and brie that made for a romantic, candlelit evening. We got to joke around with each other for around three hours, and we took turns drawing on each other before we finally had to go home.

IMG_7682.JPGOn Sunday, I got to make Vivian bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then the two of us went to church together. The weather was absolutely gorgeous outside, with temperatures around 55 or so, too nice not to go out and enjoy before it either turns bitterly cold with freezing rain once again. We took a nice, long walk along a park path along I-180, taking turns riding down a twisting slide on the playground, much to the amusement of the little boy who was waiting his turn, and “being friendly” by pushing us down ahead of him.

It was one of those nice, long weekends that just sort of drifts by until it’s done, and we didn’t even spend all that much time discussing the you-know-what in July.



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  1. Nathan

    Yeah, way to select an extremely unflattering picture of me for the world to see. Meanwhile, you’re taking advantage of my world-class photography; it makes even an ugly dope like you look good! Oh well, maybe I’ll get a few more commissions out of this, at least.


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