Fried Days

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Last Sunday, Vivian and I decided to be a little adventurous and tried out an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Omaha. I had no idea what to expect Ethiopian cuisine to be like, but it was quite good, consisting of vegetables, lentils, and lamb served on injera, a giant pancake used to scoop it up (instead of using flatware). It was much more filling than I expected and incredibly spicy. I washed it down with a tiny cup coffee so strong it’ll keep my children awake for generations.

The next day, we had a benefit swing dance for Haiti at Creighton University, giving me the chance to try out my new Lumix DMC-TS1 digital camera. My previous cameras had the unfortunate tendency of getting dropped or sucking in a speck of dust now and again, so I thought this little brick would be a nice step up. It proved to be somewhat irritating, splattering ghost specks all over each photo (which is why I used one of Eric’s photos instead).

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I had the chance to play with the camera some more by Friday, when Vivian and I dropped by St. John Vianney Catholic Church for a fish fry with our friends. We’d attended last year’s fish fry and were quite happy to stuff our faces with grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and pancakes (as well as fish) without standing in line getting drunk for hours and hours beforehand. There was beer and wine flowing freely around our table, but we wound up getting intoxicated with digital cameras and paper hats instead.

P1010374.JPGVivian and I forewent swing dancing so we could spent some time on Saturday tidying up and making some creamy pesto chicken for our mutual friends Dennis and Kara. One of the best things about having a house is being able to have people over for random dinner and movie nights, so we stuffed ourselves on Vivian’s tasty cuisine and then settled downstairs to watch National Treasure 2. I should have stopped by that lake in the Black Hills to check for that secret lever that unplugs the drain.

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