Six blessed months

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Six months ago, as Viv and I drove to the Eagle’s Lodge for a night of dancing after sushi at Sakura Bana, she turned to me asked, “So, you want to make it official?” Since then, I have been blessed more than I can say by this wonderful lady. I’ve tried to show as best I can in photos and updates to my blog all of the adventures we’ve been having together, but words and pictures can hardly do justice to the joy she fills in my heart every time we’re together.

On Thursday, I took her out to dinner at Rick’s, a lovely little seafood place by the river, and arranged for a gondola ride around the fountain just east of the Old Market. Afterwards, we had a couple impromptu dances on the way for ice cream at Ted and Wally’s (music courtesy of my RAZR). It was a wonderful romantic evening together. We’ve made so many memories in the few short months we’ve been together and I can’t imagine how many more we’ll be making in the months to come.

I love you, Viv! \|_|



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