Another busy week

Next week is my big trip to England, so I was able to get some quality time in with Vivian before leaving the country. We went on a date on Wednesday down at La Casa pizza on Leavenworth, a cozy little Italian place with delicious thin-crust pizza. I’d originally wanted to take Viv here on our first date back in December, but it was so crowded that we couldn’t get a table. I’m glad we were able to come back. Afterwards, we walked off our dinner by stopping by Trovato’s, another little restaurant in Dundee that has a live band on the first Wednesday of every month. Viv and I got to do a little Charleston before taking a quick walk around the lovely little neighborhoods in this part of Omaha. It was pretty cold, so I gave Viv my hood to wear as we walked. Isn’t she cute?

On Thursday, Viv and her roommate Jenny drove down to Lincoln to visit my bible study, and we stopped by Sonic afterwards to get some banana shakes before the trip back to Omaha. Then on Friday, I joined Viv and our friend Eric “Onion Boy” to go to my very first fish fry at Mary Our Queen in Omaha. It was a unique experience of the Catholic lifestyle, and there was quite a crowd in line for the dinner. It wound all throughout the school building, and even though Eric and Viv managed to save a spot in line for me around 5:30, we were still waiting in line two hours later. The had beer, chips and salsa coming up and down the line to hold everybody over. The food at the end of the line was pretty good, too. They had the best tater tots I’ve had in my entire life.

That evening at JNO, our friend Misty got to have her birthday Jam. I was able to get to Viv out onto the floor to take a turn dancing with Viv and being the lead, and she did a great job. I even let Viv try leading me for a dance or two, which was quite a unique experience. I managed not to fall on my face, which was quite an accomplishment.

Saturday was our big day together. Viv drove down to Lincoln and I got to take her on a tour of the capitol building. Neither of us had been inside before, so we had a good look around at all the artwork on the floors, walls, and ceiling. We also took the elevator up to the dome to get a good look at the city all around us. Afterwards, we got some sandwiches at Jimmy John’s and it was finally warm enough to eat them out in Cooper Park.

Left: Looking up at me and Viv under the dome of the state capitol building.
Right: Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips spins on his platform.

We watched the sunset together while we let our dinner settle, and then we made our way back downtown to the Pershing Center to see the Newsboys. It was a great performance! Viv and I were several rows back from the stage, and I was a bit disappointed that we might not get to see the band up close and personal like I’d wanted, but there was a walkway out into the middle of the crowd, and when a few members walked out during a few segments of the show, it was like being in the front row!

It was quite a night (and a week) to remember.

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