Catch a Tory


Vivian and I have spent some quality time the last week or two hanging out friends of ours. We invited our mutual friend Jolene over for dinner and a movie on Tuesday last week. Vivian made up her special pizza meatloaf and we watched the film Glory together afterward. Then on Friday, we helped set up at JNO and had a great time dancing with a swarm of new people. Several of our friends were down in Kansas City, but it seemed we had more than enough newcomers to fill the void. We also had a goodbye jam for Andy Meredith, who has been chairman of the Jitterbugs board of directors for as long as I can remember. We sent him off in fashion with Shim Sham done in a circle.

On Saturday night, Vivian and I joined our friends Dennis and Kara in Blair to celebrate Dennis’ birthday. It was a potluck cookout, and I brought a bunch of tasty hamburger patties from Costco. We also gave him a giant bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, a favorite of his from the east coast. Dennis broke out a couple bottles of wine and then we all got to enjoy an extensive game of Catchphrase in the living room before heading on home for the evening.

DSCF0005.JPGThe April showers passing through Omaha this week have been cool and refreshing, and Vivian and I decided to have a romantic movie night on Tuesday. Vivian tried out a recipe for Chicken Cacciatore we wound together online, and then we settled in to watch Taken on DVD. It was a pretty enjoyable film — one of those where you get a rush out of the good guy being so bad.



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