Cinco de Mayo


Happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody! Vivian and I had an enjoyable weekend “south of the border” in South Omaha to enjoy a parade and plenty of Mexican food over the weekend. 24th Street was jam-packed with spectators hoping to catch some candy thrown by local banks and community colleges. They had plenty of auto dealers and politicians making the rounds as well — a toddler next to us was accosted by Republicans and Democrats alike and wound up covered in political stickers by the time the parade was done. There were also some “gauchos” at the end of the parade riding a troop of amazing prancing horses. I thought something was seriously wrong with the animals at first until Vivian pointed out several of them were tapping around in sequence. It was quite a sight. We had a long, long walk through the heart of South Omaha sampling Mexican food from various booths and getting plenty of sunburn. There was also plenty of free music for everyone to enjoy as we stood in line for our tacos and chicharrones.

DSCF0021.JPGMay the Fifth this year also happened to be Free Comic Book Day. Vivian and I had celebrated the day two years ago by meeting Margot Kidder at Krypton Comics and getting to see a comic book I edited for Comic Genesis available on the shelf at Dragon’s Lair, which was quite awesome. This year, Krypton Comics brought Lou Ferrigno (best known for his role as The Incredible Hulk on TV back in the 1970s) to Omaha, but there was a huge crowd waiting to get in an hour before the place opened, so we dropped by a smaller comic shop on Leavenworth instead. In addition to an assortment of freebies, I also picked up a copy of Watchmen for 50% off. I’d been meaning to read it for ages.

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