Playing Dress-Up


As fall marches on, Vivian and I decided to drop by the Farmer’s Market downtown for the first and last time this season. We got our fill of salsa, bruschetta, fresh bread from Le Quartier. I also picked up a couple heads of kohlrabi, since I have the habit to trying anything I’ve never heard of before. As usual, there were plenty of street musicians around to keep Hannah entertaining while nibbling pieces of bread. I also got to pick up some of Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee. Maxine’s done a great job so far spoiling me on my caffeine fix that I owed her a bag of the “good stuff.”


On Saturday night, Jenny held her annual costume party, hosted once again by the gracious West Family up by Lake Cunningham. Hannah’s recently become very fond of monkeys, so we decided to dress her up as one for Halloween this year. That, of course, meant I had to become the Man in the Yellow Hat, while Vivian opted to be a banana seller. A bunch of our friends went all out once again this year. Tamra became a frighteningly convincing alien, the Strasser Family became martial artists (with no makeup required for that black eye), Paul and Leigh Ann were Little Bo Beep and a Lost Sheep, and Jenny came as a Minion from Despicable Me, all adorably homemade. Naturally, there was plenty of dancing in the basement, which made things hot enough to Hannah to toss her monkey suit to the wayside by the time we were ready to head home.

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