The last trip to Las Vegas


This weekend, I took another trip down to Las Vegas to help out with our booth at the semi-annual Las Vegas Market furniture show. Part of job this time around was to check out our permanent space over in the almost-constructed Building C at the World Market Center. I had to don a hard hat and eye protection to go check it out with a couple guys interested in sharing the space with us.

I was also responsible for tearing down the booth and getting it all packed up to send back to Nebraska. It’s always a bit of chore to shove half a dozen 300-pound latex beds into plastic bags and box them up, but being able to spend a weekend in Vegas on the company’s dollar makes it all worthwhile.

I stayed downtown again, enjoying the Fremont Street experience and fairly decent walking weather. The last time I was here, I stayed at the Monte Carlo, which is a fairly nice place when it isn’t on fire. The city was fairly busy with the usual amount of drinking and rampant pornography, though there were a couple good shows available. Jerry Seinfeld was making an appearance at Caesar’s Palace, while Drew Carey and the cast of Whose Line were performing at the MGM Grand again. I saw them last year, and they were excellent. The “must see” show, however, would have to be Terry Fator, the puppet guy from America’s Got Talent. He’s going to be at the Hilton later in February, and if he were in town when I was, I would have to go check him out. Vivian’s raved so much about him, I’m sure it would be worth it.


It was a fairly short weekend in Vegas, and I didn’t get much time for extra sight-seeing other than my usual walk up and down the strip, camera in hand, snapping pictures of everything in sight with every other tourist from around the world. I did stop by the M&M’s World for a cute 3-D movie, “I lost my M in Las Vegas.” It had to be the only family-friendly show in all of Sin City. Of course, I also had to make a stop at Inn-n-Out Burger to scarf down a couple double-doubles before the trip back home. I did so much walking around town, I figured I deserved it.

All in all, it was another productive weekend in Las Vegas. This has become a regular thing for now, and it seems like I’m finally getting the hang of it. Here’s a final tip for all your travels planning to visit the city of neon lights: sit on the right side of the plane, and you’ll have a great view of the strip during takeoff and landing.

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