Wine, women, and dancing

The summer has quickly vanished, and we’re now into those beautiful, crisp and cool autumn days here in Nebraska. It’s the perfect time to be outside, and every day when I make the trip from apartment to office building I’m reminded of how short they’re going to be.

IMG_6517 IMG_6550

We had another fun weekend, though we wound up spending a good portion of it indoors. Our friend Sarah Little’s birthday was on Thursday, so on Friday a bunch of us showed up at Don and Millie’s for a not-so-surprising burger birthday dinner. She got to do quite a bit of dancing later at JNO, not only during her birthday jam but also during an impromptu Jack and Jill competition. She wound up placing third with Chris and still found the energy to keep on dancing afterwards. We finished off the night at Village Inn, where Merinda scored a plush animal from the crane game that looked like Pikachu’s bizarre cousin. Its creepy feline smile made everybody happy as we gorged on Butterfinger Pie.

IMG_6577 IMG_6626

On Saturday night, our mutual Jitterbug friend Lisa had us over to her house for drinks, dancing, and a couple hilarious hours of playing Apples to Apples together. I couldn’t quite tell whether our comments matching nouns and adjectives was really that funny, or if it was just the exceptionally strong Martini in a Box making us laugh. We did learn that Jessica is boring, harmful, lewd, and lascivious. We stuffed ourselves with salmon burgers, hot dogs, and any amount of food to offset the alcohol. We also got to listen to music from Lisa’s 1917 wind-up Edison record player, and had some fun dancing in the dining room, deftly dodging the hanging chandelier. Only Vivian seemed to be able to clear the thing without striking a Limbo pose to avoid being whacked with shiny crystal during a tuck-turn.

Oh, I also got to see Kevin play Mega Man 2 (albeit very slowly) on a cell phone. That was a whole new kind of awesome.



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